Lack of sleep and my husbands dream

Sorry for the lack of writing but I’m having trouble still with sleep or to be precise the lack of sleep. I’m tired, emotional and in pain but I still have funny moments in my life that when I tell still makes people laugh or smile.

My tear for Dystonia makes me a stronger person20130611-085004.jpg
The other night (as usual just lately) I could not sleep so I went into my front room to look at a new solar light my hubby Steve got me. Wow when it turned on it was to say the least so beautiful. So at 1am (I did forget the time) I went into my sleeping hubby and woke him up with the new solar light on full. He sat up groaned and said go to sleep. Later in the day hubby rang said he had a dream that he was in America looking at the Statue of Liberty. I burst out laughing that maybe I had something to do with his dream.

If I think back to how I used to be and to now I know my Dystonia has changed me for better or worse I’m not sure.

Dystonia does change us all20130611-124443.jpg

2 thoughts on “Lack of sleep and my husbands dream

  1. jser67

    Pain DOES change people. I live with indescribable pain 24/7. I do not complain most days. Complaining intensifies the pain for me. It’s not even the pain; rather, it’s the sheer discomfort I prefer to keep busy and “distract” the feeling- whether it’s blogging, walking- anything but dwelling on this horrible Monster from within.


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