Testing a new pair of crutches

On Saturday I tried my new crutches as usually I’m on a leg splint and a walking stick. But in a couple of weeks I will be going on my holidays to a very hot country. I don’t think I can cope in my splint as the trainers make my feet sweat a lot.
So as I said the crutches are being tried out. The only difference is so far my body is aching more because I must be using all different muscles. Also my foot stays inward all the time so I am walking more on my ankle.
All I need is a patch and I look like a pirate arh me lovelies.

I’m feeling like a pirate20130617-064254.jpg
I’m still not sleeping right I have been to my GP but they say they don’t want to do anything about it as they are not sure if I have sleep apnea. I seem to have a constant noise in my head which yet again was told this is a known side effect of my medication. My life with Dystonia now seems to be getting more complicated with all the health issues I seem to be dealing with.
One thing that worries me a lot is that I’m putting on people (being a burden) and its just something that I can’t change. If I can’t do something I get so frustrated with myself, which then makes me emotional. Oh dear me Dystonia you have a lot to answer for.

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