Working in the city

Hi all not done a blog for a while just because I’m running on empty of energy what with lack of sleep and increased pain, or it could be with the lack of sleep I’m noticing my Dystonia more. I will admit I did shed a tear or 2 in private (sorry for the lack of blog folks).

At the moment I’m still on my crutches which means my foot is always turned inwards. I didn’t realise how much I now rely on my leg calliper.
On Saturday I wore my calliper for the first time in a week it felt strange but good which I never thought I would admit it but it felt like a good friend had returned.
When I was told I would get one I was worried that it would hurt, look ugly and would not work. But it does work while I’m wearing it but as soon as I take it off it goes back to what I have become to think is the normal turned in posture. They are not nice looking well mine isn’t but hey it makes me more unique just like all my different tattoos I have and love getting.

I work in the city of London which for someone with disabilities like myself does not make it easy. Like with most busy main cities like London it is a fast and busy life and I’m just no longer able to be as fast as this city would like. I have had many a near miss and strong words with people, cyclist and vehicle drivers. My worst being nearly pushed into a moving bus (that was a close call) but luckily the driver swerved. Which now leaves me worrying that it will happen again especially now they are removing the safety railings at traffic lights I suppose the councils see it as saving money.

Soon I will be going on me holiday yes I’m looking forward to it but I’m one of these people that worry. But I’m going with my so patient hubby even though I’ve been moody and grumpy he always smiles and says 3 wonderful words which are “I love you” then gives a hug I’m not sure he knows how special that is to me. With that I know Dystonia will not win that day, it will be close but not today.

1 thought on “Working in the city

  1. Nicole Oliver

    I understand completely. I sleep so much and rarely have time to do the things I love to do. Even after having DBS,over 4 years ago, the returning muscle contractions make me grouchy. The city I live in isn’t very busy, but still, seeing people rushing around kind of gets me down. I know my disability and my mood swings have to be tough on my husband, but he always manages to put a smile on my face. Enjoy your holiday and get some rest! I am taking off from work on Wednesday for my 30th birthday.. :-).Best, Nicole


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