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With no hardly no sleep & hospitals what wins

Well I’m just left waiting for results for the last 2 weeks hospital appointments.
Went to my GP as the chemists are having problems getting my medicine gabapentin so i was talking away and mentioned that i had a numb finger. So I also had to fit in a blood test as well because for the last 2 months I have had this numb finger. I’ve taken all my rings off and still no joy still puzzled so GP said you need a blood test. I hope it comes back all ok. But they always say no news is good so at moment no news. My lack of sleep is really bugging me grumpy is the polite word for it. Trying to stay awake while at work for my 3 days that I do is a major struggle. But on a good thing we have our new mattress coming on 22/8/2013 a tempura one I’m hoping it arrives. My foot is hurting and keeps twitching not sure what that is about. So I shall type soon take care all

The last few weeks

Well the last couple of weeks have been I think full of stressful and worry. Which I’m know some people’s alarm bells ringing saying your Dystonia will turn you into the green eyed monster you know it makes you grumpy and angry. Yes it has. I know what has made it more stressful the fact 2 different hospital appointments one for my heart (that was last Friday) and today this is for my lack of sleep I’m getting – grrrrr.

I’ve also got to have a blood test and its a fasting one so everyone is eating on the train filling it with a lot of food smells. I’ve been seeing lots of nice tattoos recently as well. I do love getting and having tattoos I think my next one would have to be one from a cartoon called captain caveman (which I loved when I was a kid).

Our small tank20130816-095330.jpgLast weekend we bought a small fish tank but I have been calling it a tank as you are not allowed to put any fish in a new tank for 4 days.
It’s a 30 litre but was told I can only have 2 fish (gold fish) but if we put a heater in it we can have about 8 fish. So we got a heater and now we got to wait 24 hours for the temperature to settle. Roll on Saturday when we can go and get some fish. I’m hoping in the back of my mind that it will help me to relax a bit and not lose my temper too much (Ha like its going to stop my temper)

Monday nightmare

Tired feeling
On Monday I was nearly ready so say that’s it the reason being a very lack of sleep. On Sunday night going into Monday morning I only had about 2 hours sleep. All I wanted was my foot to stop hurting even with taking all of my 30 pills a day to help with the pain I was struggling. It also then meant I was irritable, making silly mistakes and an emotional wreck. Usually when the pain of my Dystonia gets that bad I rock back and forth which helps but I’m unable to sit at a busy reception desk doing this, so I had to push through my pain barrier mentally which I did just but today it has left me mentally and physically tired.

But I eventually made it through the day and my bed never looked so welcoming but I still could do with more sleep but I am not as bad today so I’m able to deal with today as a so so normal day for me any way.
Have fun all and have a smile on me 🙂

Tired and in pain

Today no matter what I try and do I can’t hide my pain. My foot must be in overdrive for pain. Mmmmm what have I done different I’m not sure. Still not sleeping that good but this week I’m at Kings College Hospital for tests on my heart. Yes I have a heart cos when I’m with my hubby and family it beats a happy little tune. But if I’m honest I’m a bit worried as when I last spoke to someone they said what is going to happen is they will make me run when I told them I can’t they then said ok we will get you to run up stairs when I said did you not listen I can’t because of my Dystonia they said don’t worry we will sort it. Mmmmm what will they sort.
But I’m not giving in on this pain stuff today grrrrr.

Holiday time

Sorry for the lack of writing I’ve been on my holiday. We went to Corfu.

Hubby and I in Corfu Greece
Well It finally hit me that I’m not abled to do what I used to do and if I did I pay for it big time the following day. We had 4 excursions planned and I’m sorry to say we had to cancel 2 as I just can’t do stairs and a lot of walking which made me feel really sorry for my hubby as he was looking forward to them.
I have had to walk a lot on my ankle as my foot just twists all the way, luckily I was on crutches while on holiday so it did not bother me too much as I would just ignore it.
I got a lot of people looking and both hubby and I have got used to saying its Dystonia and then watching the blank face of the people then them saying I’ve never heard of it. So we have done our bit for getting Dystonia heard of a bit more in this big world.

Got a busy time soon with hospitals all different appointment for different things. Well I’m getting back to normality. So I’m not going to give in.