My time has started in UCL hospital, Queen Square, London

Well I’m here and it’s arrived I’m in hospital about my Dystonia. I arrived on Monday 6th January 2014 welcomed by all the nurses and other team members. I have got to be honest I was a lot worried but thinking back I should just live for the moment with my head held high. I’m not saying my emotions are in control far from it like my Dystonia I have good days and bad ones so this week is I feel so far is them getting to know me. But the really great thing is rather than just say yeah ok it’s alright they sit and listen and it’s the silly things that trigger the emotions. Not only are the staff nice but in my room which I share with 3 other ladies they are great too which I know sounds strange but is really nice too we all have our off time but we all smile and put on our brave faces together and laugh with each other. I think one thing I will always remember is the girls in my room. I shall try and keep you all updated better next week as so far this week all we are doing is just talking. So have a good week all and I shall try to type soon

1 thought on “My time has started in UCL hospital, Queen Square, London

  1. Dystonia Muse

    Lisa, Thinking of you during your hospital stay and hoping it’s a productive and positive experience. Thanks for keep all of us posted on Dystonia BloggerMania! xxx -Pamela-


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