Learning to chill

I know it has been a long time and the last time I did write I was in hospital well I learned a lot of interesting things about me and some of my problems. There was 2 things I found truly hard to do. One is tell people my most inner thoughts and feelings, the second is how to relax and chill. The first one I kept to myself not even my family or close friends knew what I was thinking. The second one I am still having problems with. While in hospital I was supposed to be able to switch off through meditation and relaxing I was still doing my Zentangle drawings. I still haven’t found the one for me yet but I’m still trying. In the room I was in I shared with 3 other ladies which we grew a close bond with every one of them. They will always hold a special place in my heart. As always my family was as wonderful as always and so was my friends. nothing has changed my Dystonia is the same no change
I love you all for your support and care and I will type soon x

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