Monthly Archives: December 2019

Its been a very long time

So sorry for not being a regular blogger but my life has had a big kick and a turn in my life’s journey.

  • My Dystonia has spread I have it confirmed in my left foot, jaw and spine – Botox doesn’t work for me.
  • New – My Dystonia again as of June 2019 they think has now also gone to my left hand taking 3 fingers curled inwards.
  • New – I’m Epileptic which I suffer during the day and night.
  • New – I’m now Diabetic type 2.

So at the worst I was taking over 30 pills a day just to get me through the day.

I’m no longer able to work at the moment because of the Epilepsy not being controlled and that was a priority to get stable so I was discharged from Queen Square for anything to do with Dystonia.

But on a good note (as always trying to stay positive) Hubby and I are the proud owners of 2 Cockatiels Burtie (is a male) and Luna (is a female) they have bonded to me as they are with me most of the time. Burtie talks a bit but Luna is the quiet one they are very destructive. We got them to keep me company and cheer me up on a bad day and they do this. Burtie on my bad days when I cry will come over to me and lick my tears away and won’t leave me until I stop and calm down (they do say animals know when something is wrong with someone bless him).

I also have a few more new tattoos which some may say they hurt when being done but for me I find them relaxing, both are another way to take my mind off the pain of Dystonia.