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Yesterday we in the UK celebrated a Bank Holiday not sure why but glad as more time to rest and be more me and not just me putting on a smile. I spent some more time with some of my loved ones and got a new plant. I give all my plants names (it’s just something I have always done) I have Geraldine my cactus, Penni my money plant, 2 Xmas cacti called Bill and Ben. But yesterday we went to a garden centre close to me and got a new plant called psycho which is a Cycas revoluta (wow very sharp) the reason for the name because it stabbed both my mum and I (and it hurt ouch!!).

But getting back to why I’m more confused is the Bank Holiday I keep thinking today is Monday.
While I remember a nice young lady called Rebecca Moller this week on Thursday is going for an interview for Queen Square London which will be for intense therapy (my one is for next year) I want to wish her good luck x.