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My specialist and my new bed

After a lot of sorting out our new bed has arrived it is a tempura mattress which is was hoping will help my sleep problem. Well I’m sorry to say no it as not helped its quick at moulding to my body shape but no joy at helping me to sleep. On the Tuesday 3rd September I have to go and see my Dystonia specialist and then on Thursday 5th September I’m up to Guys hospital for a sleep chamber test. In basic sleep in a room with lots of wires to monitor me while I sleep. Going to be interesting. So this week will be busy with hospital appointments. Wow what fun I lead well I shall keep you informed on what happens

A bad couple of days

Well just when things are doing good (in the world of Dystonia) the last couple of days have been a struggle on Tuesday i ended up on having 4 hours sleep due to waking up with the feeling of not being able breath. So Wednesday seemed a very long day at work which then the horrible Dystonia enraged the pain full throttle.

Early hours of Thursday my foot decided it wanted more and went into cramp, spasm. Which today has left me so tired and wanting to just lock myself away. If i think about it I’m always learning how to cope and better myself with living with Dystonia.