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Holiday time

Sorry for the lack of writing I’ve been on my holiday. We went to Corfu.

Hubby and I in Corfu Greece
Well It finally hit me that I’m not abled to do what I used to do and if I did I pay for it big time the following day. We had 4 excursions planned and I’m sorry to say we had to cancel 2 as I just can’t do stairs and a lot of walking which made me feel really sorry for my hubby as he was looking forward to them.
I have had to walk a lot on my ankle as my foot just twists all the way, luckily I was on crutches while on holiday so it did not bother me too much as I would just ignore it.
I got a lot of people looking and both hubby and I have got used to saying its Dystonia and then watching the blank face of the people then them saying I’ve never heard of it. So we have done our bit for getting Dystonia heard of a bit more in this big world.

Got a busy time soon with hospitals all different appointment for different things. Well I’m getting back to normality. So I’m not going to give in.

Hopefully some rest is ahead

I understand how people can change because of the pain which is caused by this condition called Dystonia. I do find it hard thinking and knowing how much it has changed me. I have become more frustrated and stubborn with this condition. The frustration is that so little is known about this condition and no one truly understands how I or a fellow sufferer really feels. I sometimes feel like I am just pulling my hair out because it makes me so crazy arhhhhhhhh.

Frustrated with Dystonia20130701-123947.jpg

I know that these are not good feelings to have nor is stress but the more frustrated I get the more stressed I get which is still no good for me. I try hard to hide these things as I know my hubby and family worry about me. I’m still trying the crutches which make me a bit quicker so I no longer feel like the tortoise and hare as I was getting overtaken by the more older generation.

On a different note i am still trying my Zen Tangles here is my latest one.

My latest Zen Tangle
I’m due on my holidays in a couple of days so I am going to find my inner restful self and have a chill time and also maybe fingers crossed I will sleep better but never mind.

Testing a new pair of crutches

On Saturday I tried my new crutches as usually I’m on a leg splint and a walking stick. But in a couple of weeks I will be going on my holidays to a very hot country. I don’t think I can cope in my splint as the trainers make my feet sweat a lot.
So as I said the crutches are being tried out. The only difference is so far my body is aching more because I must be using all different muscles. Also my foot stays inward all the time so I am walking more on my ankle.
All I need is a patch and I look like a pirate arh me lovelies.

I’m feeling like a pirate20130617-064254.jpg
I’m still not sleeping right I have been to my GP but they say they don’t want to do anything about it as they are not sure if I have sleep apnea. I seem to have a constant noise in my head which yet again was told this is a known side effect of my medication. My life with Dystonia now seems to be getting more complicated with all the health issues I seem to be dealing with.
One thing that worries me a lot is that I’m putting on people (being a burden) and its just something that I can’t change. If I can’t do something I get so frustrated with myself, which then makes me emotional. Oh dear me Dystonia you have a lot to answer for.