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What else

I find it hard to be positive in life when it comes to my body and Dystonia. I went to my GP for the results of a recent blood test and they have found I am now vitamin B12 deficient. So I am now taking yet another pill so my total of pills per day is now 31.
I wonder if someone was able to lift me up and shake would I rattle like a maraca. So to try and help I’m trying to eat all green leaf veg which is so boring but never mind. This extra pill will not show any difference in my body until 4 months. But I can wait.

On a different note all together I got another tattoo this one is of a cartoon figure of Captain Caveman.

This is my new tattoo of Captain Caveman20130930-042345.jpg
Now I know a lot of the young people don’t know who this name was but people of my age will know. This makes me sound old I know but hey he always made me smile when I was a kid.

The twist and turns of my Dystonia

I’m still suffering with intense pain and struggling with my spasms. My spasms seem to be usually fairly under control (so they should be what with taking 30 pills a day) mostly all are for my Dystonia. So I’m still unsure why the change all of a sudden. I recently saw a picture on a friends Facebook site and it explained what the cycle is as below.

The Cycle Of Pain20130522-170046.jpg
My sister said why don’t I try meditating but I don’t know how to just switch off. She also said why not try a thing called Zentangle, it is supposed to relax you but I’m not sure if that will help. If anything it’s nice to be doing arty sort of stuff again after such a long time (since I was at school).
So here is my first try at doing a Zentangle it was interesting while it lasted.

My 1st Go At Zentangle 20130522-201213.jpg
I think I am willing to try anything to see if it works as not sure if I can cope with anymore pain.