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Hopefully some rest is ahead

I understand how people can change because of the pain which is caused by this condition called Dystonia. I do find it hard thinking and knowing how much it has changed me. I have become more frustrated and stubborn with this condition. The frustration is that so little is known about this condition and no one truly understands how I or a fellow sufferer really feels. I sometimes feel like I am just pulling my hair out because it makes me so crazy arhhhhhhhh.

Frustrated with Dystonia20130701-123947.jpg

I know that these are not good feelings to have nor is stress but the more frustrated I get the more stressed I get which is still no good for me. I try hard to hide these things as I know my hubby and family worry about me. I’m still trying the crutches which make me a bit quicker so I no longer feel like the tortoise and hare as I was getting overtaken by the more older generation.

On a different note i am still trying my Zen Tangles here is my latest one.

My latest Zen Tangle
I’m due on my holidays in a couple of days so I am going to find my inner restful self and have a chill time and also maybe fingers crossed I will sleep better but never mind.