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A long time

I’ve not done my blog for a while I feel like I’m struggling with everything. So to update now I’m getting to grips with my CPAP machine very slowly.
The last 2 weeks have been such a stressful time as my bathroom is being converted to a wet room. I know in the end it will be nice but so much mess (now I know I was expecting some but none so much that I could not see the other end of my living room through the dust).
I was told it would be done in 2 weeks. Well it is still not a wet room not even a shower which we both so need. I feel so stressed and tired which is so aggravating my foot with Dystonia even more I am maxed out on my 31 pills but the pain is chipping away at my shield but this smile is wearing thin.
Tomorrow I am back to work I hope that is a better day.

Monday nightmare

Tired feeling
On Monday I was nearly ready so say that’s it the reason being a very lack of sleep. On Sunday night going into Monday morning I only had about 2 hours sleep. All I wanted was my foot to stop hurting even with taking all of my 30 pills a day to help with the pain I was struggling. It also then meant I was irritable, making silly mistakes and an emotional wreck. Usually when the pain of my Dystonia gets that bad I rock back and forth which helps but I’m unable to sit at a busy reception desk doing this, so I had to push through my pain barrier mentally which I did just but today it has left me mentally and physically tired.

But I eventually made it through the day and my bed never looked so welcoming but I still could do with more sleep but I am not as bad today so I’m able to deal with today as a so so normal day for me any way.
Have fun all and have a smile on me 🙂

The twist and turns of my Dystonia

I’m still suffering with intense pain and struggling with my spasms. My spasms seem to be usually fairly under control (so they should be what with taking 30 pills a day) mostly all are for my Dystonia. So I’m still unsure why the change all of a sudden. I recently saw a picture on a friends Facebook site and it explained what the cycle is as below.

The Cycle Of Pain20130522-170046.jpg
My sister said why don’t I try meditating but I don’t know how to just switch off. She also said why not try a thing called Zentangle, it is supposed to relax you but I’m not sure if that will help. If anything it’s nice to be doing arty sort of stuff again after such a long time (since I was at school).
So here is my first try at doing a Zentangle it was interesting while it lasted.

My 1st Go At Zentangle 20130522-201213.jpg
I think I am willing to try anything to see if it works as not sure if I can cope with anymore pain.