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Still trying

I’m not sure how or why is some on the usual questions but the one that is always top which is I have never heard of Dystonia sorry.
I have as I mentioned before am trying different things. I am trying at the moment to do Zentangles.

My rollercoaster ride with Dystonia20130531-122713.jpg Which I do enjoy doing to pass the time and to distract me of some of my pain I do suffer from but I do struggle through it. At the moment I’m having problems sleeping which is adding to my condition.
I find it hard for me to open myself up in the blog as it is part of my most inner secret circle but I think the world should know that there is a painful horrible condition and its known as Dystonia.

A bad couple of days

Well just when things are doing good (in the world of Dystonia) the last couple of days have been a struggle on Tuesday i ended up on having 4 hours sleep due to waking up with the feeling of not being able breath. So Wednesday seemed a very long day at work which then the horrible Dystonia enraged the pain full throttle.

Early hours of Thursday my foot decided it wanted more and went into cramp, spasm. Which today has left me so tired and wanting to just lock myself away. If i think about it I’m always learning how to cope and better myself with living with Dystonia.